Brokerage Services

Our Aircraft Brokerage Department will assist you in the sale of your aircraft for a nominal fee. Avoid the tire kickers and liability issues and allow Bartelt Aviation, Inc. to professionally represent your interests from start to finish. We will get the job done with in a reasonable amount of time and ensure a smooth transaction. On average, we are able to sell most aircraft with in 60 to 90 days.

What does the brokerage service include?

  • Bartelt will provide a market evaluation for the aircraft. This service provides current market analysis so that the client truly understands the retail value before marketing the aircraft.
  • Bartelt pays for all marketing and advertising expenditures related to the sale. Some of the publications we advertise in are: Trade-A-Plane, The Controller, Aero Trader, ASO, Trade-A-Plane Online, Controller Online, Aero Trader Online,,,,, and
  • Bartelt will accept trades and the financial responsibility for it. Many times, accepting a trade is the difference between selling and not selling the aircraft.
  • Bartelt will handle all negotiations that pertain to the sale.
  • Bartelt will provide keep you informed of our progress on a regular basis.
  • Bartelt has pilots available to demonstrate the aircraft to a potential buyer.
  • Bartelt’s purchaser will pay for all expenses related to the pre-buy inspection, flight demonstration, and delivery.
  • Upon acceptance and sale of the aircraft, Bartelt will coordinate the paper work required for closing which include the title search, application for registration, and all contracts pertaining to the transaction.

Will my aircraft have to be based at Bartelt Aviation's facility?

This is optional. You may continue to operate the aircraft until it is sold or Bartelt Aviation will take possession of the aircraft and store it in our large heated hanger and no cost to you. It is to your advantage that we take possession of the aircraft for the following reasons:

  • Appearance is important. It gives us an opportunity to prep and detail the aircraft so that it is ready to show. A sharp looking aircraft sells for an average of $3,000 more than an aircraft that is not properly detailed.
  • We are able to provide immediate access to the aircraft. It is to your advantage that we are able to show the aircraft to a potential buyer at any time including weekends.
  • We are able to provide pilots should the potential buyer request a demo.
  • We are able to reposition the aircraft for closing. The majority of buyers want their mechanic to conduct the pre-purchase inspection.
  • On average, a brokered aircraft based at our facility, sells 30 days sooner than an aircraft based at an alternate location.

Why should you hire Bartelt Aviation, Inc.?

  • Saves you time.
  • You avoid liability issues.
  • You avoid the tire kickers.
  • Bartelt will be able to obtain a higher selling price.
  • Bartelt will pay for marketing and advertising expenses.
  • Bartelt will provide professional guidance and advice.
  • Bartelt will handle all negotiations that pertain to the sale.
  • Bartelt will accept a trade, which exposes your aircraft to more buyers.
  • Bartelt has been in business since 1976.
  • Bartelt has an excellent reputation.
  • Bartelt will provide references.
  • Bartelt stands for integrity, honesty, reliability, quality products, and customer service.

Bartelt Aviation, Inc. has sold aircraft for clients all over the world. We are a professional organization interested in building long lasting relationships. We will provide references upon request.

Contact John Bartelt & Larry Russell for additional information.