Aircraft Acquisition Services

Our Aircraft Acquisition Department will assist you with your aircraft purchase by locating an aircraft that meets your specific requirements for a nominal fee. Bartelt Aviation, Inc. will professionally represent your interests from start to finish. In addition, we provide customer support after the sale, which insures a smooth transitions into your newly acquired aircraft.

Bartelt Aviation, Inc. understands your needs.

  • We understand that you have limited spare time and want to purchase a quality aircraft at a reasonable price.
  • We understand that you want to be able to rely on one professional organization that will represent your interests.
  • We understand that you want to rely on one professional organization for your aviation needs, which include aircraft acquisitions, sales, trade-ins, avionics upgrades, modifications, and cosmetic refurbishments.
  • We understand that you want to work with one company that has an excellent reputation with integrity. Bartelt Aviation, Inc. is that company and we want to establish a long-term relationship that is mutually beneficial.

What does the Aircraft Acquisition Service Include?

  • Bartelt evaluates your specific use and needs for an aircraft
  • Bartelt will suggest aircraft models that fit your purpose.
  • Bartelt will provide a market evaluation for the aircraft of choice. This service provides current market analysis that enables the client to fine tune their budget.
  • Bartelt will assist the client that requires financing and insurance options.
  • Bartelt will search and located the aircraft of choice by contacting owners directly and evaluate the market place.
  • Bartelt will provide a spread sheet of candidates and advise which aircraft should take priority.
  • Bartelt will handle all negotiations that pertain to the purchase.
  • Bartelt will personally evaluate and inspect the aircraft of choice.
  • Bartelt will over-see and coordinate the pre-purchase inspection at a major maintenance facility.
  • Upon completion of the pre-purchase inspection, Bartelt will provide a written evaluation and advise the client what is in their best interest.
  • Upon acceptance of the aircraft, Bartelt will coordinate all paper work needed for closing which include the title search, application for registration, and all contracts pertaining to the transaction.

Does Bartelt Aviation install avionics upgrades or modifications?

We are your one-stop shop. We provide a modification service should you want to customize or add special features to the aircraft of choice. Bartelt Aviation provides avionics upgrades, speed mod installations, and cosmetic refurbishment through several professional alliances We use skilled technicians that complete the job on time.

Does Bartelt Aviation provide a delivery service?

We will deliver the aircraft anywhere in the world. The client will be responsible for the actual cost of delivery. Examples include fuel, pilot service, hotel, airline tickets, etc.

Does Bartelt Aviation provide checkouts?

It is often difficult to find an instructor in your area. Our Flight Training Department has qualified experienced instructors that will provide training in your aircraft at any location. We will come to your location and train you as your schedule permits. For additional information, see our Flight Training section.

Why should you hire Bartelt Aviation?

  • Bartelt Aviation will save you time and money.
  • Bartelt Aviation will ensure a pleasant aircraft acquisition experience.
  • Bartelt Aviation will provide professional guidance and advice.
  • Bartelt will handle all negotiations that pertain to the purchase.
  • Bartelt Aviation has been in business since 1976.
  • Bartelt Aviation has an excellent reputation.
  • Bartelt Aviation will provide references.
  • Bartelt Aviation stands for integrity, honesty, reliability, quality products, and customer service.

Bartelt Aviation, Inc. has acquired aircraft for clients all over the world. We are a professional organization interested in building long lasting relationships. We will provide references upon request.

Contact John Bartelt & Larry Russell for additional information.